About artisan spirit mag

Our mission at Artisan Spirit Magazine is to share and celebrate the art and science of craft distilling. We seek to support creativity, innovation, and integrity within this industry that we love so much. We serve as an informative medium through which distillers and industry vendors can be introduced to each other. We are the magazine for craft distillers and their fans.

Our Team

Brian Christensen /// publisher & editor
Duties: Communications, editorial calendar, content management, writing, administration, looking serious, and being super handsome.

Relation: Amanda’s lucky husband. Ashley’s childhood friend and the second brother she never wanted.

Professional background: VP and Director of Operations for a video production studio serving the funeral industry, and unemployed model
Ashley Monroe /// vp of marketing
Duties: Ad sales, accounts management, marketing, content gathering.

Relation: Brian’s long suffering childhood friend. Future mother-in-law to Amanda’s eldest son.

Professional background: Insurance agent covering property, causality, life, health, and crop insurance.
Amanda Joy Christensen /// creative director
Duties: Layout and design, photography, videography, interviews, social media, and brand management.

Relation: Brian’s exceedingly patient wife. Ashley’s occasional running partner.

Professional background: Art director for video production studio serving the funeral industry, visual information specialist for local blood center, freelance graphic design and photography.