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Features craft distiller interviews with Copperworks Distilling Company, Headframe Spirits, Kings County Distilling, and Syntax Spirits. This issue delves into the difference between innovation and gimmick, covers the relationships built by barrel aged beer, and begins a three part series on taxes and compliance paperwork for craft distilleries.http://issuu.com/artisanspiritmag/docs/artisanspirit_issue008_web?e=7606545/9329975Toeing the line of innovation vs. gimmickRevolution and publicity stunts in the industry.How barrel aging beer can build bridgesBuild relationships, expand your marketing, and make a little moneyAn introduction to sorghum whiskeyA journey from field to bottleA general overview of tied-house lawSo you can spot potential issuesAn adventure in "resting" white spiritsAging outside the barrelCraft distilling's influence over the demand for quality grainSpecialty grain brokers, malters, suppliers and growers strive to feed our demand