We all know distilling is art and science. The art may be magic, but the science part takes a massive amount of effort, training, research, academics, and peer-support. The Journal of Distilling Science (JDS) is our small effort to support this pillar of our distilling community. 

With that in mind, I’m proud to announce that the Journal of Distilling Science is officially registered and receiving DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers for the peer-reviewed journal. On top of that, all past and future peer-reviewed content is online and open access for the distilling community to benefit from. 

We have two more peer-reviewed articles that have been accepted and are being laid out as we speak. Keep an eye out for “Flow Cytometry - A Primer for Modern Analytical Technology to Assess Yeast Culture Quality for Fermentation” and “Malting barley for North American distillers: Novel GN0 winter barley varieties meet and exceed contemporary expectations.”

I would like to specifically thank Dr. Gary Spedding, our Science Editor, the team of incredible reviews from around the world, and our sponsors, MGP and Lallemand. The JDS exists because of these incredible groups and individuals.

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