There might be snow outside my window, but the temperature is rising and the calendar on the wall tells me tomorrow is the first day of spring, so I think today is a great day to release Artisan Spirit Magazine's Spring 2019 issue!Are you preparing your distillery for financing?Wondering about trademarking your brand?Considering current design trends in spirits packaging? This issue has some answers!'re covering a wide array of topics:

Featuring these distilleries:

We've been saying this for years and it's still true — we are only able to do what we do because of our readers' stories, critiques, encouragement, and suggestions. It is with that direction that we plan out the content for each issue, so thank you! We're honored to serve the distilling industry in this way.We would also like to thank our advertisers and our sponsors: American Craft Spirits Association, The American Spirits Exchange, BSG Distilling, Cage and Sons Distilling Systems, CF Napa Brand Design, Distillery Products,  Fort Dearborn Company, G&D Chillers, Haskell, Independent Stave Company, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits, Live Oak Bank, MGP Ingredients, Moonshine University, O-I, Tapi, and Total Wine & More. We couldn't be prouder of working with these companies towards our common goal of supporting creativity, innovation, and integrity within this industry that we all love so much.Ready to dive into the Spring 2019 issue yet? If you are not already subscribed, we have four wonderful ways for you to get a copy of your very own…

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