2020 has been a wild ride, so we're happy to give you a chance to forget it all for a moment. We invite you to put the news on mute, grab a good drink, and immerse yourself in Artisan Spirit.  

The thing we've most looked forward to sharing about our Spring 2020 issue, has been the very first "Artisan Spirit of the Year." We set out to recognize an individual distiller who exemplifies the best facets of our industry. Someone who lives and breathes the fundamentals of distillation, but also a person willing to go beyond the art and science itself and invest efforts into the success of our industry for the benefit of us all.

Handing all the power over to a selection committee of distilling veterans to do the brutal work of narrowing their peers down to one special distiller, was a special kind of thrill and they selected someone we are proud to bestow our name upon.

Nicole Austin, General Manager and Distiller of Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., is the 2020 Artisan Spirit of the Year. We invite you to read her story, meet the selection committee, review the selection guidelines, and to start thinking about who you would like to nominate for recognition next year.

Article topics this issue include:

Featured distilleries:

More than ever, we're honored to serve the distilling industry. Thank you for sharing your heart and your stories, welcoming us into your facilities, asking important questions, and encouraging us to make a publication worthy of your time.

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