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Behind the Scenes|Digital Issue Release

In the pre-COVID-19 world, creating a quarterly printed trade publication meant we almost exclusively got to focus on lasting content. Topics like science, distilling production, sales strategies, alcohol history, business values, and ethics. That was then. To quote from the classic Stephen King novel The Gunslinger, “The world has moved on.”

The last few months have thrust upon us a whole new set of challenges for our industry to tackle. We could not ignore this new landscape any more than you could. So, in response we opened the doors to a flood of content that is far more topical than our standard fair. Some of the articles and concepts in this section of the publication may be out of date even before they land in your hands, but that is the risk we had to take. Just like distillers had to adapt to a new climate during the pandemic, so have we updated our strategy in this Summer edition of the publication to tackle issues that are relevant to the time we currently exist in.

All that said, we did not pivot everything to the pandemic and sanitizer. This issue is our largest ever, and we hope it helps reflect the needs of our community, our family. You will find the classic examples of distiller spotlights, heavy hitting scientific content, distilling education, and business articles you have come to expect from us. But in addition, we have set aside a fair portion of content to this new normal we find ourselves in. 

To help you navigate this enormous edition of Artisan Spirit Magazine, we have an entire section dedicated to COVID-19 coverage. Looking for something specifically related to regulations and legislation, or the all-consuming world of sanitizer? It is most likely right here in this section of the publication. Find yourself burnt out reading about the pandemic? Then you can skip ahead and focus on the core content we pride ourselves on providing.

We are so damn lucky to have the support of our readers, the distilling community, and our amazing advertisers and sponsors. The team at Artisan Spirit Magazine is proud to do what we can to support and educate the distilling industry. The world may have moved on, but we are all here to move along with it.

Article topics this issue include:

Featured distilleries:

The Artisan Spirit team serves the distilling industry because we're fans of the people first and the alcohol second. Witnessing the actions you've taken to tell your communities you want to keep them safe and that their lives matter has only solidified our belief that your value goes way beyond your ability to craft a good drink. Thank you for sharing your hearts and stories, welcoming us into your facilities, asking important questions, and encouraging us to make a publication worthy of your time.

Our work is made possible with the support of our advertisers and our sponsors: The American Spirits Exchange, BSG Distilling, Cage and Sons Distilling Systems, CF Napa Brand Design,  Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Fort Dearborn Company, G&D Chillers, Independent Stave Company, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits, MGP Ingredients, Moonshine University, O-I, Tapi, and Total Wine & More. It is with great gratitude that we work with these companies towards our common goal of supporting creativity, innovation, and integrity within this industry that we all love so much.

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