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Digital Issue Release|Magazine News

The 5th issue of Artisan Spirit Magazine is hot off the presses and traversing the winter roads to get in your hands! For this issue, we traveled to Kentucky -- the birthplace of bourbon. So we might talk about that a little.http://issuu.com/artisanspiritmag/docs/artisanspirit_issue005_web?e=7606545/8323814Additionally we're covering:

This issue includes craft distiller interviews with:

Every issue we've produced has been better than the last and it's all because of YOU, our readers. Your encouragement, article requests, constructive criticism, and excited support propels us forward. So keep it coming – We're all ears!With each issue, we reach a new level of gratitude for our sponsors: Agra Marketing Group, American Craft Distillers Association, Black Swan Cooperage, Moonshine University, O-I, Pharmco-Aaper, Rogue Spirits,St. Louis Litho, and Tapi. Next time you see or talk to those guys, please take a moment to thank them for us. Their generosity allows us to continue our common goals of supporting creativity, innovation, and integrity within the industry we all love so much.This is our biggest issue yet, and full to the brim with articles sure to entertain, educate, provoke, and intrigue. You're going to want to read the whole darn thing! As usual, we have four great ways for you to get a copy of your very own...

  1. If you are a craft distiller, your distillery is welcome to a complimentary subscription! To make sure you’re on the mailing list, email your contact information, distillery’s name, and mailing address to our editor, Brian Christensen. His email is brian @ artisanspiritmag dot com.
  2. If you want a physical copy mailed directly to you, just check out the sidebar to the right to order a subscription.
  3. If you live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, or Washington state, run to your nearest Total Wine and More store, to pick up a complimentary copy of our latest issue in the spirits section. First come, first serve!
  4. If you just can’t wait another moment to see the current issue of Artisan Spirit Magazine, then how about a digital version? We knew you'd like that.