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Digital Issue Release|Magazine News

Greetings friends and colleagues,2014 has been one hell of a year for our team at Artisan Spirit. We laughed more than we cried. We learned bottles, and buckets, and barrels full. We traveled the country to meet and share the stories of some really great men and women of distilling. 2014 was more than we could have hoped for and we look forward for what the new year will bring! But before that...On this, the last day of the year, we're pleased to release the digital version of Artisan Spirit Magazine's Winter 2014 issue.http://issuu.com/artisanspiritmag/docs/artisanspirit_issue009_web?e=7606545/10797908This "little" publication of ours is less magazine, and more educational resource. To that end, we've switched to a perfect binding in our print version and packed in stories to help you learn about...

We'd like to thank all our spotlighted distillers...

So grab a drink, sit back, and give our Winter 2014 issue a read through. And don't hesitate to tell us what you think. Love it, hate it? Want to see more of the same or something completely different in 2015? Article suggestions or requests? We're all ears — send us an email!