FIVE YEARS. The Winter 2017 issue of Artisan Spirit Magazine marks the five year anniversary of publishing our first issue. We began Artisan Spirit unsure what the industry would think of us and have been humbled by the love you've shown and the ways you've pushed us to grow.Thank you readers, for trusting us with your valuable time.Thank you contributors, for sharing your hard-earned knowledge.Thank you advertisers, for valuing an educated industry.This is our twenty-first issue (hello drinking age) and it is 100 pages longer than our first issue. We're continuing the tradition of tackling a wide array of issues affecting the distilling industry. From the legalities of combining spirits and marijuana, to gin asserting itself in bourbon country. From Benefit Corporations, to fermented horse milk. And from canned cocktails, to using metrics and analysis to manage your visitor experience.

This issue covers a wide range of topics including:

Featuring these distilleries:

As we look forward to the next five years, we're filled with excitement at all the ways it will surprise us and push us to grow. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Artisan Spirit Magazine would not be here without your stories, critiques, encouragement, and suggestions. You keep us moving forward and we are honored to serve.Artisan Spirit Magazine is a labor of love that would not be possible without the support of our advertisers and our sponsors: American Craft Spirits Association, The American Spirits Exchange, BSG Distilling, CF Napa Brand Design, Custom Metalcraft, Distillery Products,  Fort Dearborn Company, G&D Chillers, Independent Stave Company, Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits, Live Oak Bank, MGP Ingredients, Moonshine University, O-I, Tapi, and Total Wine & More. We could not be prouder of working with these companies towards our common goal of supporting creativity, innovation, and integrity within this industry that we all love so much.Want to just read the darn thing already? If you are not already subscribed, we have four wonderful ways for you to get a copy of your very own…

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