September 12, 2022

For distillers, aging alcohol to get the flavor and consistency you desire can take decades of trial and error, which can be both frustrating and expensive. But we’re here to change all of that with our Age-ucation Workshop, featuring 30 experimental barrels and 9 hands-on experiments that will let you taste the effects of variables like entry proof, toast and char profiles, wood species, bottle soaks, and more. Students also receive valuable insights on whiskey maturation, barrel performance, and alternative barrel construction.

In addition to spending time with experts on warehouse management and flavor mapping, students will also receive GC data for all factors covered in the course, providing a valuable resource to pair with your newfound knowledge of aging and maturation.

By the time you complete this class you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how you’ll want to approach aging your spirits, which makes this an investment that will not only save you time, but potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

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