August 29, 2022

You’ve got whiskey, now what? For small entrepreneurs in any industry, getting into the marketplace has always been a challenge. Stiff competition, dynamic pricing, global giants, and product saturation are only some of the hurdles set for the small craft distiller. The good news is that we’re in the golden age of whiskey and spirits: at no other time in America’s history has there been so much demand for so many products in so many corners of the world. Even better news is that this moment comes with a rich opportunity for entrepreneurs ready to face the challenges, channel their passions, and get to work in changing what the world is drinking.Our two-day workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skill set you need to be successful introducing your spirit to the masses. Whether you’re making whiskey, rum, brandy, or another beverage alcohol, this panel of professionals will dig into some of the techniques, methodologies, mistakes, and secrets they’ve uncovered during their time in the industry: learn how to compete with the big guys, maximize a minimal budget, and successfully build your brand on your terms.

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