Spirits Producers: Reduce your production time by moving from batch to standardization

September 15, 2021

Spirits manufacturers constantly face many different challenges in their industry, some of the most important being, accurate proofing, consistent product quality, reduced product giveaway, maximize yields, and satisfying government regulations regarding taxation on %Alcohol by volume.During this webinar we will review the JCS UltraBlend™ system, and how this technology can help you meet these challenges. By providing you benefits like streamlining your production, eliminating the need for Proof Tanks, currently used to obtain the required %ABV (%Alcohol by Volume), saving floor space, and providing a faster Return on Investment.

What you'll learn:
  • What is the difference between traditional batching, ILB through Continuous ratio blended product, and the JCS UltraBlend™ Continuous In-line Standardization, either to a proofing tank or direct to filler
  • How this technology can help you increase productivity and reduce your production time
  • How the JCS UltraBlend™ can give you very tight accuracies, achieving tolerances allowable to blend high proof spirits direct to the filler by the TTB *up to (+/- .03 ABV).

Come prepared with your questions! We look forward to sharing our knowledge during this session.Register now!

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