We are pleased to offer a yearly Artisan Spirit Membership that satisfies three needs:

1. Provides distillers with the opportunity to make money and educate consumers.

2. Helps to support and grow the artisan craft movement by getting the publication into more hands.

3. Offers a cost savings for those looking to keep their employees educated and informed.

You’ll receive 10 copies of each Artisan Spirit Magazine for a whole year. This is in addition to the free subscription you may already be qualified for.

What should you do with all these extra copies?

Sell them your tasting room for a suggested retail value of $20 a piece for a yearly profit of $451. (That’s the total yearly sales at suggested retail minus the cost of membership.)

Or maybe you want to provide your whole team with subscriptions for a savings of $251. (That’s the total cost of 10 paid subscriptions minus the cost of membership.)

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